Is committed to the growth of people through organic farming, spiritual enlightenment, and ayurvedic and naturopathic treatments.

Har Ghar Gai

Gau, Ganga, Gaurishankar

Gadauli Dham Kashi

Gadauli Dham Kashi

Kundan Kamdhenu Temple

The sacred Indian scriptures proclaim with deep reverence,

“Gomaya Vasate Lakshmi; Dhanvantari resides in Gomutra.”

These ancient words resonate with profound wisdom and evoke a sense of spiritual connection to the land 

The truth of this timeless wisdom is illuminated by modern research conducted in the vibrant city of Bangalore. In the laboratories, a remarkable revelation emerged: a mere milligram of desi (indigenous) cow dung cradles an astonishing 300 crore bacteria. This discovery fills our hearts with wonder and underscores the significance of the cow in our lives. 

Krishna Priya

Bhagwan Krishna loves cows, and we in our Krishna Priya Cow Shelter provide shelter and work on the development of the desi breed. Desi breed is the source of all the nectar. This project aims to empower all the farmers in the local areas.

Cow Based Agriculture

Excess fertilizers harming us in many ways. Cow Based Agriculture has a clear aim of developing agriculture purely on cow dung and its compost. Our plan is to involve all the local farmers in this project and produce 100% organic products.

Cow Based

Gomata is the source of nectar on this earth. Not only milk but GOMUTRA also works as a medicine for human beings. Our aim is to develop various treatments based on cow products.

Social and

Spiritual Enlightenment

A grand temple of Bhagwan Shiva. A place devotional importance and a home for Lord Shiv. This will be a place of 1260 Shiv ling. Shastra says Bhagwan Shiva resides in the temple built for him.

An old age home for our respected elders. We provide all the facilities to those who worked hard to build today. And for those who seek a place for peace and meditation, it’s for them too.




A society with strong women finds it’s way to success. We have various projects for empowering women and strengthening them. Our mission is to incorporate the vision of our Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, to make India “JagatGuru” through its Women’s Empowerment.

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Ram Katha Shiva Charit

Ram Katha Shiva Charit

मनोकामना सिद्धि नर पावा ।जे यह कथा कपट तजि गावा। श्री सीतारामजी, शिव-पार्वती और अंजनी कुमार की पूर्ण कृपा दृष्टि होती है,तभी दैवीय आयोजन से जुड़ने का संयोग बनता है । शास्त्र प्रमाण हैं कि जहाँ रामायण का वाचन होता है वहाँ समस्त तीर्थ उपस्थित होते हैं। गड़ौली धाम में...

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Ayurveda, Yoga & Naturopathy


Ayurved is a lifestyle that focuses on the well-being of humans. Rather than treatment of disease, it provides a way to become more immune to the disease.


Yoga is speeding happiness and mindfulness in the world. A gift to the world from India. Here we are committed to spreading the light of yoga to the last person of society.


Nature is the best healer. Naturopathy education and treatment based on naturopathy is our goal along with ayurvedic treatment.