O S Balakundan

Gadauli Dham’s heartfelt endeavor to illuminate the 3000-year-old history of this sacred site and to restore its lost glory in the hearts of people is receiving resounding support from all corners of our nation and even beyond our borders. Situated 38 kilometers to the west of Varanasi, on the serene left bank of the Ganga, Gadauli Dham stands as a reverent homage to Gau, Ganga, and Gaurishankar. The ongoing excavations in the archaeologically significant Agiabir area have unearthed a treasure trove of ancient artifacts spanning five distinct periods, evoking emotions of awe and wonder as they connect us to our rich heritage. 

Gadauli Dham, a sacred sanctuary devoted to the veneration of Gau, Ganga, and Gaurishankar, nestled in the proximity of Maa Vindhyavasini and Maa Ganga, exudes an otherworldly aura. Here, one can truly feel and absorb the marvelous fusion of spirituality, scientific inquiry, innovative thinking, age-old traditions, and time-honored methodologies. On behalf of the extended Gadauli Dham family, we wish to express our deepest gratitude to each and every one of you for your unwavering cooperation and heartfelt blessings, which played an integral role in the successful execution of the 1008 Kanyadan Mahayagya and various other religious and socially significant events organized under the auspices of Gadauli Dham. At this juncture, we also take the opportunity to warmly invite you to pay a visit to the Dham, extend your support, and become part of a project that resonates with your heart. We wholeheartedly welcome you to immerse yourself in this divine experience and become an integral member of our cherished Gadauli Dham Family.

-Gadauli Dham Parivar

The Foundation

Situated 38 km west of Varanasi on the left bank of the Ganges, which has a supernatural feeling of cow, Ganga, Gaurishankar in every particle